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Why is Teen Skin Health so important?

Uncovering the importance of good skin health habits at a young age is vital.

At Teen Skin Health, we believe the earlier you educate and encourage your teen in caring for their skin, the better their skin will be. Our Skincare products and treatments are designed specifically for teens and tweens to focus on skin conditions that are frequently associated with adolescent skin.

At Teen Skin Health we always treat YOU as an individual. When you arrive for your initial skin consultation, we will use our state of the art skin scanner to ensure we can see what is going on within the deeper layers of your skin...

Salon Treatments

Consultation image.jpeg
Initial Consultation

Treatment plan

Your first visit to our Teen Skin Health Salon will be for an initial consultation

This is where we will analyse your skin to work out a treatment plan  

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Scarring is somethig that comes from a trauma to the skin. This treatment has specifically designed to heal and encourage new cell growth

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Stubborn white bumps

Do you have tiny, mostly white but sometimes yellow cysts that appear in clusters, usually on the cheeks and around your eyes? 

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Lip smacking


Nourish and hydrate your lips with this amazing lip-smacking treatment. Dont forget your lip kit to keep the results going morning & night  

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Hands & Feet copy.jpg

Hands & Feet

Get your hands, feet & nails in tip-top condition. We are not about acrylic nails we are keeping it real. 

What's your favourite look? 

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Let's treat it

Are you sick of contsantly breaking out? Tried everything or nothing and just dont know what to do?

This treatment will get you on the right track 

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Young Beauty Closeup

Let's be gentle

Every teen and tween has senstive skin. But for some of us it worse. Lets balance the sensitivity and protect your skin from the outside elements that tend to cause sensitivity. 

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Keep it simple

We believe the earlier you educate and encourage your pre teen in caring for their skin, the better their skin will be. This gentle treatment is a great start for anyone just starting out with skincare

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Enhance your tan

Using our TAN IT Spray Tan, we will have you glowing in no time. Don't forget to grab a keep it glowing kit to enhance and prolong your tan

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Spa Treatments

Everyone needs a little pampering. Body Scrubs and Body Masks are just some of the professional Spa treatments we offer

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Less is More

This skin treatment has been designed to treat, heal and prevent blackheads.

With a personlised skin ritual, You'll Love The Skin You're In...

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Does your face feel dry or tight or even a little rough?

Do you still keep getting pimples even when your skin feels dry?

Dehydration is often one of these causes.  

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Eye care

Lash & Brows

The delicate skin around your eye area needs to be treated with care. This treatment is to hydrate, soothe, cool & refresh tired, dry eyes. It enhances lashes & strengthens eyebrow hairs 

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Hair Removal

We have a range of waxing treatments for Girls & Boys available.  Follow the link to see what we have available. If it's not listed, please just ask us

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Express yourself

We love all things makeup from a natural look to Formal makeup or a special occasion. We even offer DIY makeup classes 

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