Why is Teen Skin Health so important?

Uncovering the importance of good skin health habits at a young age is vital.

At Teen Skin Health, we believe the earlier you educate and encourage your teen in caring for their skin, the better their skin will be. Our Skincare products and treatments are designed specifically for teens and tweens to focus on skin conditions that are frequently associated with adolescent skin.

At Teen Skin Health we always treat YOU as an individual. When you arrive for your initial skin consultation, we will use our state of the art skin scanner to ensure we can see what is going on within the deeper layers of your skin (It can see deeper than any natural eye could ever see). We will also ask you about your regular daily routine for example sleep, diet, exercise etc This way we can tailor your treatment specially to you so you gain the results needed. It is vital to keep things simple as young skins need to be treated with love. Harsh chemicals, scrubing and too many products is something a delicate skin just shouldnt have to ever go through.

Why a T.S.H treatment?

It’s a fact that most teenagers will experience clogged pores, acne, breakouts, redness and even dryness. At some point during their teen years and despite being busy with school, social lives and sports, it’s vital for them to make time to pay attention to their skin and to realise the importance of good skin health.

T.S.H treatments and products have been designed with a teen’s complexion needs in mind. With a range of different treatments to help individuals needs, these facials will help with persisting teen skincare troubles or prevent them before the problem starts. And as an added bonus we educate them on the importance of a good skin ritual and skin health during our time together. 

How do I know which treatment or products to choose?

With so many skin concerns, we can only imagine you have loads of questions. So at Teen Skin Health we always start with an intial consultation. This will help us work togther on a plan of action to heal, protect and maintain your skin. Part of a T.S.H treatment plan is receiving lessons from experts on how to care of your skin properly.

Schedule an appointment .

If this is your first visit to our Teen Skin Health Salon, we will ask you to book an appointment for an Intial Consultation.

Once we have created your Teen Skin Health treatment plan, you will have complete quidence on which treatments best suit your skin concerns. When starting on a TSH treatment plan this will include a list of treatment schedules and products to get you on the way to recieve great results. 

Is Skin Maintainence a thing?

Yes absolutely! Lets get your skin feeling and looking healthy first and then its a matter of keeping up the great work. Dont worry we will be there with you every step of the way